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If you have not lived in California for any length of time, then the impact of the sun on the interior of your automobile will be a big surprise. Even long-time residents get surprised at the rate of fading that you will experience with the auto interior if the windows have never had a car tinting service accomplished. This is just one of the many advantages that Supreme Auto Tinting has helped customers enjoy during our more than three decades in business in the greater Los Angeles area. Our company offers some of the best window tinting prices in Burbank and LA, and you will never be disappointed with our mobile tinting team’s quality of service. All of our work comes backed by a lifetime warranty, and you will also be happy with the prices we offer on all of our high quality tinting packages.

Free Lifetime Warranty

One of the biggest advantages that getting a car tinting package will provide you is instant relief from the sun’s rays. Not only will your auto be cooler after sitting in the sun during a long day at work or school, but you will also find that you don’t need to run your air conditioning as much either. This will help save you money by reducing your overall gas usage, and your auto passengers will also benefit from up to a 99% protection rate against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. We find that although a maximum tinting package is the most popular with our customers, many will also choose a lighter look and feel based on their goals for the tinting job.

No matter what your motivation is; however, our expert staff can help answer any questions that you might have for us regarding the tinting process or price. Please give us a call today to schedule your appointment, and we look forward to serving you today. Our car tinting products are the best on the market because we hate having unsatisfied clients. We make sure that everything we do is 100% to your satisfaction and that it comes with lfietime warranty just in case you need it. Most of our clients do not need it because the quality products we use can literally last a lifetime! We are confident in our workmanship that we offer an additional level of customer service where we provide consumers with free lifetime support. With most other so-called tinting experts, you have to pay extra, a whole lot more actually in order to get the lifetime warranty. But did you ever wonder why that is? Their goal is to make more money than by not selling it. Our goal is that you, the educated consumer can see through this and hop on board with us because we don't charge extra for this level of service. When you hire a professional company such as ours, you do not pay a dime extra for the extra level of security.

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