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Car Window Tinting

When consumers start showing for a car window tinting service in Southern California, a common question that arises is how dark is the tint allowed to be? Instead of relying on a new start-up company to answer these questions for you, we recommend coming into an established business like Supreme Auto Tinting to not only answer your questions regarding the California regulations on auto tint, but who also knows how to ensure you never exceed what is allowed in our state. Our company is based in the Burbank area of Southern California, and we have more than 30 years of experience in the field. Our mobile window tinting service is one of the highest rated in the local area, and you will never be disappointed in the quality of work that our technicians deliver on a regular basis.

We also include a free, lifetime warranty on all work that our teams do for you, so you will never have to worry about future issues with your tinting job going unresolved.In the state of California, the maximum darkness of window tint is determined by the VLT (visible light transmission) percentage. This metric refers to the percentage of visible light that is allowed to pass through both the tint and your window. The state lets our technicians apply a four inch strip of tint to the top of your windshield as long as it is non-reflective. If you have side mirrors on your auto, our techs are also allowed to tint your front side windows to the point of allowing 70% VLT.

The rear and back side windows can be tinted to any darkness, so our techs will always work with you on what the appropriate level will be to fit your needs in the automobile. California also limits the amount of reflectivity that we can apply to your windows, with the front and back side windows being limited to being no more reflective than a standard window. California also forbids the use of red colored tint in the state, and there is no sticker requirement to validate that your tint meets the state rules on auto tint. If you have any questions about our tinting service or the California state rules governing our work, please give our friendly staff a call today.

So if you're tired of being hot and uncomfortable in your ride or the thought of cranking up your air conditioning just to stay cool is annoying, try tinting it. It can reduce the heat inside a vehicle by over 30% and save you money. It is a safe and wise investment otherwise we wouldn't bother selling our service. Also think about the harmful UV's coming from the sun's ray.

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